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Golf Cart Disinfection System Now Available! Call Today At 888-Clenz19 (253-6919)

Attention Golf Courses! We now have the solution to keeping your golf carts disinfected for all viruses and bacteria! This system also works well on all common areas such as Handrails, bathrooms, door handles, counters, tables, chairs etc!

This system is called ClenzoZone. Its the process of Fogging/Misting a product called Blue Ox Maxx which is 3% Hydrogen Peroxide base. Hydrogen Peroxide has already been verified by the CDC to Disinfect the CoronaVirus. The best part is you spray it and walk away no wipe up needed and will evaporate in minutes leaving that area disinfected! If you would like to learn more about this Groundbreaking system to be able to train your staff to apply this product please call us today at (888)-Clenz-19 or (888) 253-6919.

Costs To Get Started:

Business Sanitization1. Purchase the Product “Blue Ox Maxx” which $23.88 per gallon or when buying in bulk at 55 gallons or more there is a 25% discount bringing the price to just $17.91 per gallon. The average 80 cart fleet will use around 1.5 – 2 gallons per day.
2. Purchase the machine to apply it which is $339
3. Basic items such as rubber gloves, protective eyewear and an N95 mask. These items are precautionary due to this being a non-toxic solution we still recommend to use these safety items.
No Other Costs!
Due to High Call Volume. Please leave us a message or email us at if you would like to get your order started. Shipping & Handling costs are separate. Shipping typically takes 5-7 business days to arrive with your product.


★★★★★ We are now able to give our golfers and staff Peace of mind knowing the golf carts are Properly Sanitized after every use in just seconds! Thank you Above and Beyond and your ClenzeZone System it works awesome! –Butch/GM Talis Park of Naples FL

Above And Beyond Sanitizing

**Ask about our May Special $999 for a 55 gallon drum of Blue oX Maxx a 4-6 week supply for approx. 80 cart fleet. The only other cost is the machine to apply it for $339! No Other Costs or Fees for this amazing system!**

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